Fizzle Sticks

Cats are Freaking out over Fizzle Sticks!

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed making cat toys for the last several years, it’s that there are simply not enough refillable cat toys on the market. Catnip can wear out before a toy does, and we think it’s about time that somebody made a product that reflects that.

Introducing Fizzle Sticks! These adorable cat-faced tackle sticks feature a small amount of catnip stuffed in the ears, a poly-fill body, and a velcro-enclosure pocket on the tail end of the toy that allows you to keep refreshing and adding to your cat’s new favorite toy! Included with purchase is one of our famous Lil Nips – an eighth of our super potent catnip for your refilling pleasure.

Fizzle Sticks come in many individual colors, as well as some mixed/patterned fabrics, all using sturdy flannel. Our toys are affordable and durable, and made to ensure your cat has a blast!