Our Story

At TacoCat Creations, we have one obsessive focus – making cool stuff for cats and the humans who love them. And we have a pretty good track record, too – for the past nine years, our catnip toys have been driving cats crazy across the US and beyond.
Each one of our cat toys is hand sewn and individually stuffed with super potent catnip purchased in small batches from a farm or grown right in our backyard. If your cat doesn’t respond to catnip, give ours a try! We have built a reputation for making catnip toys proven to drive your cats crazy. Just check out our social media!
From our large fully-stuffed MadRats and NerdRats, to our small MewMice, our super-durable RuffRats and refillable Fizzle Stix kicker toys – we have a catnip toy for every preference. Lounge around on one of our NipMats (available in two sizes!) or add catnip to the hidden pocket in the top for extra fun!
Also featured is our unique line of Dapper Cat bowties and collars. Each collar and bowtie is sewn by hand – not glued – ensuring they stay sturdy and beautiful. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, we’re sure you’ll find something to complete your cat’s look.
Rounding out our merch are fun cat-themed t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and magnets that are great to add to your collection or give as gifts.
And you can feel good about your TacoCat purchase too. We’re not some big corporation. We’re a female/minority-owned small business, and all of our products are proudly made by hand in our home studio located on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin.
We’re a small team of people totally dedicated to making cats happy. It’s the best part of our job, and we’re pretty good at it too!
Owner Meagan Porter’s devotion for cats and over 30 years sewing experience led her to found TacoCat out of a need for high quality and unique cat toys in a dog-saturated market.
Graphic designer and business manager David Van lends his talents to making our products look beautiful and keeping the wheels turning at TacoCat Studios. He also owns and operates Madison Makers Market, a local craft fair series in Madison.
Together we supply a handful of small retailers across the US, run an online shop, and bring cool cat stuff directly to the people through one of our many local events.
Interested in bringing TacoCat to your shop? Got an idea for a custom order? Wondering where we’re going to be next? Drop us a line! We’re happy to help.