Our Story

Cool, quality, and unique feline fare, produced by hand in Madison, WI!
TacoCat Creations has its beginnings in Madison, Wisconsin, where we are headquartered and where all of our products are handmade. TacoCat focuses exclusively on creating high quality and unique products for cats.
Cats are often the redheaded stepchild of the pet accessory marketplace. TacoCat was born out of a need for cool, quality, and unique cat toys and accessories. Though we plan to expand and produce dog accessories, our focus will always be on cats.
As lead designer and manufacturer, my devotion for cats and over 25 years sewing experience lead me to create my first line of cat toys, MadRats.

They are fully stuffed with catnip and have a huggable, kickable body and a long tail that is safe to play with. Customer requests led me to develop NerdRats soon after, a line of MadRats featuring “nerdy” fabrics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, hipster mustaches, and the list goes on.

MewMice, the tough little sister of MadRats, and Nip Mats, a refillable catnip bed for cats, were born soon after.

In 2016 We launched Dapper Cat bowties. They feature bright, fun fabrics for fashionable cats. Each bowtie is and always will be hand sewn and fully handmade.

Other recent additions to our product line include Pico de Gato and Lil’ Nips, a line of packages of potent premium catnip hand-packed in Madison. Guaranteed to drive your cat crazy!

We’ve also started producing XL Nip Mats, and broadly expanded our Merch lineup to include Enamel Pins, Hats, Vinyl Stickers, and different sized buttons and magnets!