TacoCat Product Line

Dapper Cat
Feline fashion and finery for your furry friend- Available in an ever-changing assortment of colors and patterns, as well as holiday-themed limited releases!

The indestructible sister of MadRats, Ruff Rats are made out of brightly colored canvas and sewn with nylon thread- The toughest catnip toy on the market!

Fully-stuffed with the high potency, high quality catnip and adorned with a long braided tail. MadRats come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, changing with seasons, holidays and availability.

NerdRats are stylistically and structurally the same as MadRats, but with Nerdy and Geeky fabrics to add a different flair to the product. Always changing, always limited in supply!

MewMice are the little sister to MadRats- Small, bright and affordable with a little tail on one end. MewMice are a great gift for bepetted friends, or for your own furry companion!

NipMats are a recent hybrid product- Part cat bed, part catnip toy. Comfortable and cozy, NipMats are well-padded and available in a limited assortment of patterns.

Pico de Gato
The latest addition to the TacoCat family, Pico de Gato are one ounce packages of the very same catnip used in all our other products- Potent, Pungent, and guaranteed to make your cat to crazy!