Dapper Cat

Keep it classy with Dapper Cat bow ties!

All of our bow ties are hand-sewn, not glued. Each bow tie features a sewn-in elastic strap which easily slips over your cat’s collar. The inside of each bow tie is lined with strong interfacing making the bow hold its shape over time- These bows are dapper and built to last!
Dimensions of the bow are ~2.5″x1.25″. Snug fit on standard 3/8″ collars. Machine washable. Bow ties are mounted on a handsome 3″x4.5″ printed card.
Patterns vary widely based on availability and feature a range of solid colors as well as our wildly popular line of holiday-specific patterns for Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween and X-Mas.
Please inquire for the most up-to-date fabrics.