Dank Catnip + Cool Fabric = Best. Toy. Ever.

Why is it so hard to get decent catnip toys that actually have catnip in them?! You’re looking at a handmade, fully-stuffed catnip rat with tail. Super durable toy with potent catnip guaranteed to drive cats crazy!
Great for cats to lick, chew, bunny kick and the tail is safe to play with too. Fabric is 100% cotton/flannel. Each rat is approximately 6.5″ long and 4.5″ wide with an 18″ long tail. Each rat is fully-stuffed with catnip- absolutely no cheap polyfill stuffing.
Our NerdRat line features fabrics that are sci-fi, pop culture, and comic oriented. Each Rat is made to order for guarantee freshness.
Patterns vary based on availability. Please inquire for details.