XL Mats

A little extra cat needs a little extra mat.

These fun and brightly-colored refillable catnip mats are super-sized for your big-boned kitty, and designed to allow the addition of catnip for your kooky kitty to go crazy!

These quality mats contain thick padding so your feline friend has a plush place to fall asleep. Dimension are approximately 16″x20″. Features a secret catnip pocket on the back!
Each mat comes with a small package of our super potent catnip to try. Machine washable and dry-able.
XL mats are available in fabrics similar to MadRats and NerdRats, from cute and adorable fabrics to sci-fi, comic book and pop culture.
Patterns vary based on availability; please inquire for the most up-to-date fabrics.